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BUSINESS TAX IN DEPTH West Des Moines Marriott - 1250 Jordon Creek Parkway In 2018 this class is a "must" for practitioners.  The new Tax Cuts bill changes everything we know about the formation and operation of Corporations, LLCs and S corporations.  This course will include a special chapter focusing on accounting methods (and changes!) as a result of the new cash method and Section 263A limits and will include completed Forms 3115 showing how and when the changes may be made.  It will also include detailed analyses of the choice of entity that best fits the taxpayer and in-depth discussions of the new 20% flow-through deductions, the new depreciation rules, and changes in the entertainment rules.  The LLC chapter will provide guidance on the new partnership audit regulations; the C corporation chapter will discuss the new tax rate and penalty taxes; and the S corporation chapter will examine the 20% flow-through deduction, plus the impact of the new tax law on built-in gains and the interaction of wages vs. the flow-through deduction.

West Des Moines Marriott
September 17 & 18  More Info>> Register Here >>  
1040 Update West Des Moines Marriott - 1250 Jordon Creek Parkway 1040 Tax in Depth More Info>> Register Here >>  

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