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1040 Update - 16 Hrs Continuing Education

1040 Tax in Depth
This course will include detailed coverage and planning ideas for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, special focus coverage of sole proprietorship issues and emerging economy issues (Consumer-to-consumer sales, Crypto-Currency, etc.) as well as a review of common preparation issues, new court cases and IRS guidance,  In-depth example coverage of the new mortgage interest rules and the dependent credit will provide professionals with the answers to their latest 1040 client... More Info


    This presentation will include:  2018 Iowa Tax Changes, 2018 Conformity to Federal Tax Law, Future year Iowa Income Tax Changes for Individuals, Future year Iowa Income Tax Changes for Business, Sales Tax and Excise Tax Changes, and Iowa Income adjustments to Federal AGI for Iowa Net Income.
Presenters:  Paul Nielsen, CPA & Kenneth Haldeman, CPA
Sponsored by: Accountants Association of Iowa
3 Hours CPE credit for this course More Info


As a member of AAI you will be joining other independent accountants across the state who share your professional concerns. You will become an integral part of a dynamic organization whose members enjoy a wide range of special services and opportunities. Your voice will be heard in decision-making processes that affect you and your profession in the State of Iowa. Your membership in AAI will provide you with benefits which will be valuable to your practice, your profession, and yourself.

Some benefits you can enjoy include: District meetings, quality education, active Web Site, Member Directory, a centralized aministrative office for maintaining corporate records and answering member questions. Plus we are affiliated with the National Society of Accountants, we are a recognized liaison to state agencies, Small Business Administration and the Internal Revenue Service. We monitor state accountancy laws and regulations affecting the independent accountant. We have a paid lobbyist that monitors state accounting laws, regulations and judicial decisions. We have representation on Capital Hill through NSA.